As seen at the V&A museum in London!

Teapot by a J Young from the 80'sThe other day I remembered that Ian Collins, the EDP London correspondent, had written an article about the refurbished ceramics galleries in the V & A museum in London, and that, in the contemporary ceramics section, he had noticed some of our pots on display.

Our inclusion in the collection dates back to a period in the early 80’s when we had managed to establish sales in many shops and galleries around the country (London in particular), and were being feted by the Crafts Council as up and coming faces in the burgeoning ‘crafts’ scene at that time.

I went on line to see which pots of ours the V & A have in their collection, and found a soup tureen and ladle, and a lemon squeezer made by Jo. We still make the squeezer it’s evolved into a larger pot now), but I had forgotten just how many tureens and ladles we used to supply. We must have been mad to make ceramic ladles – difficult to make and place in the kiln, and vulnerable when packed for sending away – but what interesting and attractive pots they were.

I had a couple of ‘one off’ shaped pots from the period when I was obsessed with cutting pots in half, and having removed a central section from them, sticking them back together again. We had such large orders for our standard domestic pots at the time, that I never managed to pursue these ideas, and they never developed past these initial sketches in clay.

Tureen & Ladle by A J Young from the 80's