Ely Cathedral Pot

Ely Cathedral

Several years ago I was commissioned to make some large bowls to sit on iron stands in the entrances to Ely cathedral. They were to hold sand into which visitors could place lighted candles.

I enjoy the unadorned bare stonework of churches and cathedrals, and have always had a problem with placing pieces of ‘art’ in these buildings. I think that they are fine and satisfying just as they are.

Much as it might add novelty value, I would not be interested in seeing a piece of Tracey Emin superimposed over a corner of a Gainsborough landscape.

I know that in the past the stonework was painted and gilded with a lot of highly colourful adornment, but that is not to my taste.

I ended up just copying the stone motifs onto the rims of the bowls in an effort to make them quietly anonymous.