Entertaining with Cranks – featuring A&J Young Pottery

Entertaining with Cranks - featuring A&J Young PotteryOur tureen, ladle and soup bowls featured on the cover of Kay Carter & Daphne Swann’s  ‘Entertaining with Cranks’.

We recently fished out our Cranks recipe book, and noticed some of our pots on the cover. Joanna wrote her thesis titled ‘Pots for Food’ when we were at college, and part of her research led her to interview David Canter, who owned Cranks health food shops, restaurants and ‘Craftwork’ galleries.

When we were struggling to establish our workshop in the mid seventies, we took some of our pots to show to David Canter, and were very pleased when he placed some orders with us. This he followed up by giving us an exhibition at Craftwork in Guildford. (We drove away from that with our car loaded up with wonderful near sell by date cranks food from their restaurant). Selling through David Canter (and David Mellor soon afterwards) provided the platform for all our subsequent sales around the UK and abroad.

David Canter was a key figure in establishing the huge market for handmade ceramics and textiles during that time. Of course that has all changed now, as it must. However we still remember David Canter with affection and gratitude.