Our Classic Mugs

Our Classic Mugs


A comforting, sturdy mug with decorative stamps and roulettes.


The strength of this mug is in the simplicity of its shape, and  it can be just as demanding to throw as some of our more complicated shapes.  Many people seem to end up with their ‘go to’ favourite mug, and we hope that the design and comfort of our mugs will make them the ones that our customers always reach for.


500ml capacity | 11cm  high

300ml  capacity | 9.5cm  high

250ml capacity | 8.5cm  high

Glazing Details

It must be emphasised that A & J Young is a very small enterprise. The hand making process means that every pot will have its own idiosyncrasies. Small impurities in the clay, variations in the glaze colour and some crazing in the glaze are all part of the character of an individual pot and will not affect their function.

Please note that small variations may be noted between the photographs on our website and the pots you receive.

An almost clear glaze with some tin added to make the glaze slightly opaque.  The painted colours show up very brightly on this glaze.

A fresh blue which can vary a little in different parts of the kiln. Stamps impressed into the clay show particularly well through this glaze and details are picked out in darker blue.

A classic bottle green which has a pretty brown fleck in it. Decorations are highlighted in cobalt blue.

This colour is made by applying  one glaze over another making it thick and rich. Blue, green and often dark red are used to pick out details.

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