Decorative Fluted Pot on Feet

Decorative Fluted Pot on Feet


An unusual and lovely pot.


Making these pots is quite self indulgent. They are pleasing shapes to throw, but, if I can catch them when they have dried just the right amount, the shaping/fluting and stamping is an immensely satisfying process. The feet are then applied while still soft, and the pot gently pressed down on them to leave it standing evenly. The cream glaze seems to compliment the detailing on this fluted pot very well.


17cm  high | 30cm  wide

15cm  high | 21cm  wide

13cm  high | 19cm  wide

Glazing Options

It must be emphasised that A & J Young is a very small enterprise. The hand making process means that every pot will have its own idiosyncrasies. Small impurities in the clay, variations in the glaze colour and some crazing in the glaze are all part of the character of an individual pot and will not affect their function.

Please note that small variations may be noted between the photographs on our website and the pots you receive.

This colour is made by applying  one glaze over another making it thick and rich. Blue, green and often dark red are used to pick out details.

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