Welcome the new A & J Young Pottery website

Welcome to the new A & J Young Pottery website. It has taken longer to build than we had imagined, but with the patient help of Paul Kirk, our website designer (www.paulkirkdesign.co.uk) it has now come together, and been running smoothly over the past few weeks. During the last six months we have built up stock for the ‘Pottery Shop’ on the new website, and are very pleased with the interest and sales received so far.

Building the new A. & J. Young Pottery website has been an interesting process. It was quite difficult trying to decide which pots to put in to the ‘Pottery Shop’ as, between us, we have been making such a large number of different items over the years – far too many to show and stock on the new website. However, we hope you might like the current collection we have put together.

We had to decide what sort of images of the pots would be suitable, and then find out how to photograph them. This involved buying new lights and trying to learn how to use them. There is still a lot to learn, and it is an ongoing process.

Sorting out the various price bands for packing and delivery is quite complicated, and we hope that you find them easy enough to use.

web stock blogWe still have our shop  in Gresham to which visitors are welcome, but are planning to downsize the workshop over the next year, and will post any news of how that develops.

We do hope that you enjoy browsing the new A & J Young Pottery website, and, if in north Norfolk, visit our shop.